Queen Of The Foxes

Petite Chain Duo - GOLD


Petite Chain Duo

This necklace bundle with differing textures, is beautiful as a double, elegant as singles and stunning layered with others.

Check out our SILVER Petite Chain Duo here


1 x Petite Snake Chain 45cm 

1 x Petite Fine Chain 45cm 

925 Silver | Gold plated




Tila Beads

Since 1949, Miyuki have been one of the finest glass seed bead manufacturers renowned for their high quality, artistry, consistency in size and vast range of colours.

In 2011 they introduced the Tila glass bead, which is a flat, square shaped glass bead with two holes. The name "Tila" refers to how when loomed together, or stitched using a square, the beaded pattern looks a lot like Japanese traditional tile work.

E Coating

Your jewellery may tarnish but E- coating helps to protect it from wear and tear. It’s basically an extra layer of protection to prevent scrapes and scratches that may otherwise happen without it. The technique effectively covers every part of the jewelry piece so that it's left with an even and consistent coat.

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